The Way of What is to Come

June 1, 2011

Lying alone in your bed
Images from the past filling your head
You try to run, you try to hide
But there is no escape, your eyes are open wide
Long time ago you felt alive
Now only emptiness is blackening your life
The time has come to break away
Or you go astray


Dreamweaver – there is so much more to see
Dreamweaver – There is a deeper way to feel
Dreamweaver – misery takes a hold of you paralyzes your soul
Dreamweaver – find a way to understand
Dreamweaver – You hold your fate in your own hand
Dreamweaver – break your chains and make your move
Or you might just see a dreamweaver’s fall

Page 55 Solar Barge

Things that you started
Are still undone
While you are wasting you precious life
The sleepless nights
Won’t leave you be
You’re going astray

Dreamweaver lyrics by Stratovarius

The Anchorite (an inner, imaginal figure) speaks to Jung: “Surely you know that one can read a book many times – perhaps you almost know it by heart, and nevertheless it can be that, when you look again at the lines before you, certain things appear new or even new thoughts occur to you that you did not have before”.  [Read more Heidekolb’s Blog]


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