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June 2, 2011

Five of Paws ~ shakin' it off

Ironwing Tarot

April 2010 Wellington – A cat saved a sleeping New Zealand couple from a ‘raging inferno’ by wetting its paws in the toilet bowl and walking on their faces, a newspaper reported Friday.

The moggy, Maceo, woke Kate Gatonyi and her partner Bevan Garland at 3 am Wednesday to find a neighbour’s shed on fire just three metres from their bedroom window in Arrowtown, South Island, The Press newspaper of Christchurch reported.

‘I opened up my blinds, and there was a raging inferno,’ Gatonyi said. ‘It had nearly got to my fence.

‘The neighbour next door was wetting our fence, but it would have gone to the garage, the car, the gas bottles and our bedroom. It was quite scary.’

She said Maceo often played with water but had never put his feet in the toilet bowl and usually just meowed if he wanted attention at night.

He walked over their faces with his wet paws three times before they woke up.

‘He’s a hero in my world,’ Gatonyi said. ‘I think he was fantastic. He is going to get a lot of biscuits.’

~ Story found at Monsters and Critics


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  1. Clever cat! And that’s the perfect tarot card to illustrate the story.

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