Take me to your Wing-nut!

June 7, 2011


Psychologically, this card might express the individual’s feeling of alienation or separation from the environment.

 In reality, of course, having come from Arcantmycin, the sixteenth planet in the Wycloxian systems of Andromeda, you are having great difficulty acting like an earthling, especially since your memory was wiped out at birth and you don’t realize you’re an alien. Still, knowledge of your origin might enable you to adapt to the ways of the natives.

~ The Morgan Tarot, invented by Space Squirrels in 1970

Planet Squirrel

When the aliens first visited Earth, the squirrels were the first creatures to approach and communicate with them. For this friendly gretting, the squirrels were blessed by the aliens with intelligence and insight beyond their mamalian ancestory. Quickly adapting to all planetary conditions and viruses, the squirrel thrives today among the human race with a grace and ease like that of no other animal. The human populace is largely unaware of the cosmic ancestory and magesty of the squirrel and has become so accostomed to seeing the animal, that they barely devote a thought to them. Much to the loss and eventual downfall of humanity.[Read More]

Found at Squirrel Planet



  1. This is great! I just ordered the Xultun tarot…I ‘may’ be in over my head 🙂

  2. I sometimes wonder how many tarot decks the world can support! 🙂

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