Hands Across the Water

June 7, 2011

"Hands II" by Robert Pitonzo

Who is Robert Pitonzo?

As a celestial impressionist, my desire is to create paintings that explore the cosmic mysteries of this life, from the vast expanses of the galaxy to the tiny life spark deep within a leaf. By incorporating universal spiritual symbols, cosmic images and prysmatic color, I draw the observer within to experience a myriad of multi-layered spectrums of reality. My paintings become dimensional worlds within themselves, transforming the “every day” into higher realms.


"Hands" by Robert Pitonzo

Hands Across The Water

Hands Across the Water is Australia’s fastest growing boutique charity supporting the children in Thailand who were orphaned by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Hands is currently shaking up the charity sector having raised over $2 million (AUD) without spending one cent of donor’s money on administrative costs since its inception four years ago. All costs that are incurred in the running of the charity are absorbed by Peter and other Board members. This is a unique position in the charity sector right now. Our Mission is to provide the children and those in need of Kao Lak – Thailand, with a caring and educational environment; allowing them to learn and expand their opportunities, empowering them to unite with the community. Hands is small, but doing amazing work. There is complete transparency in everything we do, and those supporting the work with the children can actually see the difference we are making – we are involved in their lives. It has now been almost five years since the Tsunami and what Hands has discovered is that the fight for normality in the lives of these children is only just beginning

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