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Rock. Squirrel. Paper.

June 8, 2011

Wayfarer Chapel, Palas Verdes ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

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The Balloon Goes Up

June 8, 2011

The Past

The Harvest

The Harvest

(Reversed) Final effort, last step, remaining work before fruition
Basic Interpretation:
A woman in the fullness of pregnancy, holds the bounty of the fertile countryside. This is the Harvest; the time of reward for long work and dedication. It is the fullness of life, the happy reward and the richness of the season.

The Present

The Jester

The Jester

(Reversed) Secrets, veiled truths, possible danger in direct truth
Basic Interpretation:
Pondering the ways of the world, the Jester sits and contemplates his staff. He has seen much and heard more; his shoulders bear the weight of knowledge that he cannot openly reveal. His jokes mask his wisdom and sometimes keep him alive when his beliefs are unpopular. He is clever, but bound by convention.

The Future



(Reversed) Flighty, clouded, unbounded
Basic Interpretation:
The clear skies hold all the purity and dynamism of human thought. Air itself is the fundamental representative of intellect, thought, memory and wisdom. It is a fundamental force; without direction but able to be channeled by those who wish to focus its power. The winds of this card are always blowing, rarely seen and eternally present.

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Telling a New Story: The Shepherd

June 8, 2011

 Squirrel Soldier & Nuts

The Shepherd

Earth, Waxing Gibbous


Responsibility, humility, responsibility faced alone, nobility in dedication

Reversed Meaning:

Boredom, simplistic life

Basic Interpretation:

The Shepherd stands amidst his flock, defending them from the dangers of the world. She is ever vigilant, yet humble, taking his responsibility seriously and with sacred dedication. Even if she must walk this path and face its dangers by himself, she will do so until his time is done.


A shepherd’s crook, simple clothes, simple food, livestock.


An oath-bound person;  a good and humble leader reassuring others about the world.

Archetypes Storytelling Cards ~ Creative Inspiration for the Third Millennium


Suddenly Susan

June 8, 2011

"Ray's Hope". Quiltmaker Kazuko

Healing Challenges of the Archetypal Wheel ~ Sacred Contracts ~ and Esoteric Rulerships

Aries ~ Birthing the Self ~ Mercury

Taurus ~ Claiming of Values ~ Vulcan

Gemini ~ The Fear of Truth and the Seduction of Deceit ~ Venus

Cancer ~ Overcoming Betrayal and Developing Loyalty ~ Neptune

Leo ~ Entering the Desert ~ Sun

Virgo ~ Establishing Self-Worth ~ Moon

Libra ~ Maintaining Personal Boundaries ~ Uranus

Scorpio ~ Confronting Greed and Developing Personal Integrity ~ Mars

Sagittarius ~ Enduring Faith Crises ~ Earth

Capricorn ~ Confronting Rejection and Failure ~ Saturn

Aquarius ~ Surrendering to the Divine ~ Jupiter

Pisces ~ Overcoming the Fear of Personal Empowerment ~ Pluto


Image: Susan Seddon Boulet, Goddess Knowledge Cards

Tribute to Susan Seddon Boulet at Garden Plum