Suddenly Susan

June 8, 2011

"Ray's Hope". Quiltmaker Kazuko

Healing Challenges of the Archetypal Wheel ~ Sacred Contracts ~ and Esoteric Rulerships

Aries ~ Birthing the Self ~ Mercury

Taurus ~ Claiming of Values ~ Vulcan

Gemini ~ The Fear of Truth and the Seduction of Deceit ~ Venus

Cancer ~ Overcoming Betrayal and Developing Loyalty ~ Neptune

Leo ~ Entering the Desert ~ Sun

Virgo ~ Establishing Self-Worth ~ Moon

Libra ~ Maintaining Personal Boundaries ~ Uranus

Scorpio ~ Confronting Greed and Developing Personal Integrity ~ Mars

Sagittarius ~ Enduring Faith Crises ~ Earth

Capricorn ~ Confronting Rejection and Failure ~ Saturn

Aquarius ~ Surrendering to the Divine ~ Jupiter

Pisces ~ Overcoming the Fear of Personal Empowerment ~ Pluto


Image: Susan Seddon Boulet, Goddess Knowledge Cards

Tribute to Susan Seddon Boulet at Garden Plum

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