The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind

June 10, 2011
quote on label:
We don’t devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.
—Calvin & Hobbes
color: apricot with cranberry swirls
scent: tangerine and daffodil
gemstone: amazonite
Know those days (weeks, months) when too many people you meet are impatient, short-tempered and irritating? When someone you work with is rude, condescending or possibly even unethical? When the person you’ve been dating turns out to be a big scummy jerk? When the very thought of interacting with one more person causes you to grab fistfuls of hair and scream bloody murder? When you want to answer every ringing phone by shouting “WHAT?!” When you’re pretty sure you’ll hurl a loaded stapler at the next person who walks through the door? Me too.
Now we can turn off the phone, light this candle and heave a big sigh of relief, because our kiss my ass candles create a magical force field impenetrable by jerks, especially when accompanied by fierce scowling and a maniacal grin. The perfect combo for many workplaces!
Zena Moon ~ Gifts For The Spirit
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