The Permanence of Instinct

June 10, 2011

Image Credit: The Book of Barely Imagined Beings

Born in French town Saint-Leons in Aveyron in a poor family, Fabre started his career at the age of 19 as a teacher. Students of the college of Ajaccio, Corsica were lucky to have him teaching there. Since 1852 students of Avignon lyceum had also welcomed Fabre in their alma mater and were captivated by his marvelous teaching ability. Yet, Fabre’s vivid mind and extraordinary passion to science didn’t let him to stop at that point. During his long and fruitful life Jean-Henri Fabre tried himself as a physicist, chemist and botanist.

Despite Fabre’s passion to many sciences, his most famous achievements lie in the sphere of entomology. This science studying the life and the habits of insects became his greatest passion and until his death Jean-Henri Fabre kept observing and making notes about these amazing tiny creatures inhabiting any piece of nature, including scientist’s own backyard.

Source: Jean-Henri Fabre: Welcome to the Amazing World of the Insects

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