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June 16, 2011


Number and Myth: The Archetypes in Our Hands

An Article by Yael Haft

CHIROLOGY SERVES AS A MIRROR to our soul. Etymologically the word “chirology” is formed by two Greek words, chiro meaning “hand” and logos meaning ‘word’, and ‘language’; thus, chirology is the language of the hand. Now language is, in fact, the words we use to describe and express matter, images, spiritual or non- descriptive emotions, sensations, feelings and thoughts. We know, however, how limited and elusive this use of expression in words is. Yet, this is our only tool of understanding so we keep on trying, using every symbol that comes close to expressing in words, audibly and non-audibly, the many levels any phenomena has, thus deepening our grasp of that which we try to express. Language is a human device, and it is we as human beings that need this enriching vehicle for we have an inner urge to know in order that we may transmit onwards to others the meanings of our inner and our realities, and all visible phenomena around us. [Read more]

The mythical astrological names of the fingers and elevations in the inner palm are as follows:

First finger Jupiter/ Zeus
Middle finger Saturn
Third finger Apollo
Fourth finger Mercury-Hermes
Thenar elevation Venus/ Aphrodite
Ulnar proximal elevation Luna/ Lilith
Middle proximal elevation (between Venus and Luna) Neptune
Middle Ulnar side elevation Mars Ares

Relationships in our hands, by Yael Haft

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