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June 19, 2011

Prostanthera striatiflora ~ Mint Bush

Family: Lamiaceae
Distribution: Semi-arid woodlands of New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.
Common Name: Jockey’s cap; striped mint bush.
Derivation of Name: Prostanthera…from Greek prostheke; an appendix and anthera; an anther, referring to the appendage on the stamens
striatiflora… from Latin striatus, striped and florus, to bloom, referring to the striping in the throat of the flower.
Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild.

Mint Bush

Negative Condition:
• perturbation
• confusion
• spiritual emergence
• initial turmoil and void of spiritual initiation

Positive Outcome:
• smooth spiritual initiation
• clarity
• calmness
• ability to cope

This Essence like many others, was made in the Valley of the Winds in the Olgas (or Katajuta) in central Australia. Mint Bush helps one to cope with the dross being burnt off before emerging at a new spiritual level. Just prior to any such initiation there are usually spiritual trials and tribulations that one goes through when one feels they are being tested, often to their limit. At this time there is usually a great deal of confusion and one can have a sense that everything is too difficult and too much to deal with and resolve. These feelings can also arise during intense changes in your life – divorce, bankruptcy, severe illness or accidents, changing religious beliefs or affiliations.

(Images/text supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved)

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  1. When we went to the Calgary Stampede last summer, there was a cowboy from Australia competing in the bull riding.

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