Perched Upon a Bust of Pallas….

June 20, 2011


Croaked From: Earth Science Picture of the Day

Transiting Goddess asteroid Pallas Athene at 15° Aquarius trine  Behenian fixed star Gienah in Corvus at 14º Libra, which transiting Saturn in Libra has been hovering in the vicinity of for a whiles.

For a month or so, a cacophony of crows have been hanging around my place; specifically on the fifth telegraph pole from the corner of my street and the cross-street, that just happens to be called Fowler Road.

I counted them one morning – four and twenty crows – which recalled the children’s rhymes and that Aussie Icon, Four’N Twenty Meat Pie invented in Bendigo, where I used to live.

I love meat pies.  You don’t really want to ask too many questions about what’s actually in them.  They are unkindly called maggot packs. Apparently ravens love eating blow fly maggots, but I digress.

One morning, last week, as these four-and-twenty crows were sitting on their totem pole like they were waiting for something, a lone magpie flew in and sat in the midst of them.  After a few seconds, all the crows started crooning and I swear that magpie was a  choirmaster teaching them how to sing.

And that’s my Solstice crow story.

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