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June 20, 2011

The Squirrel of Steampunk

Image Punked from: Morfes: Steampunk Animal Sculptures

The Internet has become self-aware, realised it was really no good and turned itself off. The last message it left on people’s screens was: This is for your own good.

With the collapse of the ‘traditional’ method of web-based communication, society turned back to the newspaper, the magazine and the book as the source of all gossip, wit and wisdom. That brief period in our language history where the acronym and the abbreviation ruled as communication mediums has vanished, with the only records of what LOL meant (let alone ROTFLMAO) now on display in museums.

Once again, we learned how to speak through full words and full sentences and once again we learnt to value the richness of real language…..Each day I pray a silent ‘thank-you’ to the webgod for having the courage and foresight to self-extinguish, and for trusting in the then fledgling steampunk movement to help humankind get over the need for speed and rediscover a sense of style. ~ from The Steampunk Manifesto 2009, written by Mad Uncle (Cliff Overton), found The Age June 18 2011


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  1. Love Steampunk Squirrel!

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