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The Bee’s Experience

June 26, 2011
“The Bee Tree”

KU Natural History Museum

Do not believe everything you hear or are taught. Not everyone who is a beekeeper is an expert, though they may sound like one. Be careful to always take opinions with a grain of salt. When in doubt rely upon proven assays. There is so much wrong information out there, so keep bees based on good information.

~ Basic Beekeeping Lessons, Long Lane Honey Bee Farms


Taurus 3: Steps leading up to a lawn blooming in clover

Amber, gold, cloves, clover…

 The first series of Taurus symbols is anything but boring. We start with a clear mountain stream… nicely flowing… then to an electrical storm, the equivalent of a plunging waterfall… then to gradual steps leading up to clover. 

 Just taking these three symbols together indicates quite a ride!

Taurus 3 does suggests a slow gradual path. It is linked with other fixed sign 3rd degree symbols by way of ‘rolling up one’s sleeves and getting to work’. The work may involve healing, convalescence, repair of some kind, or just the gradual process of constructively moving forward. 

Honey, cloves, clover, worker bees, things golden and amber, sweet and uplifting are associated with Taurus 3.

~ harvested from Blain Bovee ~ Sabian Symbologist

~ Click here for June Sabian Symbols

"Pollinate" by Mike Holtzinger

Image Sourced: The Honeybee Conservancy

The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee;
A clover, any time, to him
Is aristocracy.

~ Emily Dickinson

Pray for the Bees ~ Alkemie + Bee Rosary Necklace


Driving Mudita

June 26, 2011

The Artist ~ Emma Hack

Diverse Multimedia Artist
Skin Illustrator, Photographer, Sculptor

Through dedication and a passion for her craft, Emma’s 21-year career has evolved from beginnings as a children’s face painter and qualified hairdresser and make-up artist, to a body illustrator and visual artist of world acclaim.

In her 2009 Native Mandala collection, Emma has created striking circular background designs into which her models are camouflaged, each holding a native Australian bird, reptile or mammal. Emma has created an environment, which bears significance to the species, providing a safe haven into which it is nestled, and demonstrating the unique beauty of flora and fauna that is quintessentially Australian.

Emma Hack