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Uh oh….incoming!

June 28, 2011

First Photos of Incoming Asteroid 2011 MD

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, there’s an asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

Fortunately, it will miss us — although not by much; as Mark Thompson would put it, a “butt-clenchingly close” 7,500 miles — but even if it did collide with Earth, all indications are that it would burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere. [read full article]

Missed Us…..the first time

If you blinked, you may have missed it – but stargazers caught a glimpse of a bus-sized asteroid zooming past the Earth this morning.

The asteroid, which passed within 12,000km of Earth, is a timely reminder there is more to our environment than meets the eye, astronomers say.

The 2011 MD asteroid, which is about the size of two buses, passed over Australia about 4am (AEST).

Experts said last week there was no chance of impact and Fred Watson from the Australian Astronomical Observatory said there wouldn’t be much of a spectacle. [yeah….if it doesn’t land on YOUR roof, Fred!]

However, stargazers are expected to get another chance to spot the asteroid as it makes a second appearance on Wednesday. [read full article]

Fuck-a-doodle do!

So what is it about things falling from the sky that fills us with such fear that we can make ourselves sick with panic?  [read full article]

ummmmm……nowhere to hide?….I’m just guessing.


Have You Seen My Gypsy?

June 28, 2011
Four of Swords

The Answer

Artwork by NoMonet

Four of Words Swords

After every exertion there is a need for rest and rejuvenation. This card reminds us that we are human, flesh and blood creatures and we must put our thoughts at rest and escape to a quiet place within ourselves to bring peace and healing to our frequently-exhausted psyche.

The withdrawal that this card recommends is shown by a tree in the shape of a woman, symbolizing Mother Nature, who is nurturing four fetus “fruit” in her branches. Sleep is a wonderful escape and balm. Nothing feels safer than sleep in a mother’s arms and finding the peaceful slumber of the innocent.

You must find time for rest and healing. This is a time to retreat from your daily routine for convalescence and repair. This is a time for escape.

The negative of this card would be breaking out from a solitary state of rest, a return to the world and regular activities.

Image and Text Sourced: The Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot free on-line tarot card reading. 


Sitting Pretty

June 28, 2011

Green Catbird, Mt Glorious, SE Queensland

In The Catbird Seat


In a superior or advantageous position.


This is an American phrase – which is unsurprising as the grey catbird which is the probable source of the phrase is a North American species (there’s also an Australian catbird). It’s one of a group of birds called the mimic thrushes. They include mockingbirds and, as you might expect, they are adept mimics. The catbird is named for its ability to mimic the sound of a cat’s miaow.

Catbirds seek out the highest perches in trees to sing and display. The allusion to that is most likely to be the derivation of the term. It may also be the source of an earlier term with much the same meaning – ‘sitting pretty‘.

The phrase appears to have originated in the American south, although the date and circumstances are uncertain. There’s certainly an association with the sport of baseball, and most of the early citations of the phrase mention the game. That includes the first mention of it in print, in James Thurber’s 55 Short Stories from New Yorker, November 1942:

“She must be a Dodger fan. Red Barber announces the Dodger games over the radio and he uses those expressions… ‘sitting in the catbird seat’ means sitting pretty, like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him.”

Text Picked From: The Phrase Finder

Bouncing back after fires in The Grampians, Victoria

Image Sourced: The Wilderness Society ~ for life on Earth

Sabian Symbol Correspondence

Gemini 29: The first mockingbird of spring

Theme: Bounce back.

 Inspiration: Powerful ideas and communications tend to continually return.

 Today: The idea of the ‘continual return’… a mocking bit of cheek from some inebriated philosophy grads… was not intended as a version of boomerang dynamics. It was more about how a good idea just cannot be held down, it will return… although without determinate principles necessitating regularity or predictability.

 The dynamic today is a natural continuing of yesterdays ‘bankruptcy’. Anything lost or broken can, or could, bounce back.

 Convincing communications may mark the day. Persuasion is a power proffered potently: parents of adolescents beware.

 Listen for the quick comeback in lively exchanges.

Source: Blain Bovee ~ Sabian Symbologist

Gypsy Rose Lee and her Royal American beauties joined other Cotton Carnival midway attractions on Front Street when the 15th annual event got underway on 7 May 1949.

Photo Credit: Charles Nicholas


Thanks to Elsa.Elsa for her story about being in the “catbird seat” as a bartender in her youth, that inspired this post.  Not an expression I was aware of when I was bartending in my youth ~ we called it the “firing line”.