Uh oh….incoming!

June 28, 2011

First Photos of Incoming Asteroid 2011 MD

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, there’s an asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

Fortunately, it will miss us — although not by much; as Mark Thompson would put it, a “butt-clenchingly close” 7,500 miles — but even if it did collide with Earth, all indications are that it would burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere. [read full article]

Missed Us…..the first time

If you blinked, you may have missed it – but stargazers caught a glimpse of a bus-sized asteroid zooming past the Earth this morning.

The asteroid, which passed within 12,000km of Earth, is a timely reminder there is more to our environment than meets the eye, astronomers say.

The 2011 MD asteroid, which is about the size of two buses, passed over Australia about 4am (AEST).

Experts said last week there was no chance of impact and Fred Watson from the Australian Astronomical Observatory said there wouldn’t be much of a spectacle. [yeah….if it doesn’t land on YOUR roof, Fred!]

However, stargazers are expected to get another chance to spot the asteroid as it makes a second appearance on Wednesday. [read full article]

Fuck-a-doodle do!

So what is it about things falling from the sky that fills us with such fear that we can make ourselves sick with panic?  [read full article]

ummmmm……nowhere to hide?….I’m just guessing.

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