When Two Souls Collide

June 29, 2011



Apparently there’s a Cardinal Grand Cross between Sun in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra for everybody.

Little ole’ Muse-me in the midst of a Chiron return, Moon square Moon, a DC sandwich with Vesta and Pallas Athene, a Lilith Corridor embracing Uranus over my Eighth House natal Ceres/Moon.  [Yah, that’s been an interesting puppy]

Um….what else?

Mars just jumped over my MC like Evel Knievel and is now in a conjunct Mars Return and I’ve got a Pandora return planking my ASC.

Last night, I walked away from a near-fatal accident that totalled my dear little vroom-vroom and has shifted the trajectory of my life in ways I feel blessed to be still alive to explore.  So not my fault. The other driver was completely in the wrong.  His name?  Adam.

Officer: So, Adam, what part of the Give Way sign didn’t you understand?

It’s pretty surreal. A neverwanttorepeateveragain experience!

My plans, God’s plans and secret squirrel business.

Four of Swords……fuck yeah!



  1. Jeez, glad you’re okay! You must have a Guardian Squirrel Angel!

  2. wuld u adm’n’eve it!….dats ‘clipses on d’skwair 4 U…appy ur still’ere!

  3. Yup…possums in the roof!

  4. Ditto.

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