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Aegishjalmar: don’t leave Home without it

June 30, 2011

"Helm of Awe"

Artist: Eihwaz Craftwork

Squirrel Protection Services: Aegishjalmar

The name of this symbol is ægishjálmr, which when literally translated means “helm of awe” or “helm of terror”. It is used in various places in the sagas, where it can have many other meanings, such as “countenance of terror” or “overbearing nature”.

The term ægishjálmr probably did not refer to a real, physical helmet originally, but rather originated in the use of a special kind of magic called seiðr. Seiðr could be used to affect the mind with forgetfulness, delusion, illusion, or fear. The ægishjálmr is a special subset of seiðr magic called sjónhverfing, the magical delusion or “deceiving of the sight” where the seið-witch affects the minds of others so that they cannot see things as they truly are. The role of seiðr in illusion magic is well-documented in the sagas, particularly being used to conceal a person from his pursuers. Part of this power may have been due to hypnosis, for the seið-witch could be deprived of her powers by being deprived of her sight, and the effect faded when the victim left the presence of the seið-practitioner.  [read full article]

The Muse Marvels

Just so y’all know ~ this rooly trooly works.