An Elusive Mystery

July 4, 2011

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s collision, the most significant injury I have, is a 6″ diameter haematoma to my left breast.  Inspecting the damage last night, the image of a pomegranate came to me……Demeter….the Eleusian Mysteries….that bit where the initiates face their terror of death. 

I had a coffee with the other driver, Adam, today.  Very cool guy, who is half-awake.  Told me he had recently been hit in the eye by a baseball (he coaches baseball).  That’s why he didn’t see me…………  Adam has all these jigsaw pieces and can’t see the Big Picture.  Yet he knows it is staring him in the face.

There are no accidents.



  1. I’m glad that bruising is all the injury you suffered. Still, it’s probably painful and will be sensitive for a while.

  2. As far as physical injury, yes; that and banged knee. Hasn’t been so good for my Panic Disorder…..which I think might have been scared out of me! In the lap of the Goddess..

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