Heirs & Grace

July 7, 2011

Last night, on one of the early evening current affairs programs here in Australia, local outrage and racist hatred was whipped up because of this rug.

 Except the War Rug that the Australian woman had purchased, for AUD150, was a “knock-off” – the dove black and not white.  The journalist for A Current Affair, showed the War Rug to the Head of the Islamic Council of New South Wales for his opinion. Paraphrased:

“It’s in poor taste, yet you have to understand the way in which the Muslim people express their hopes for peace.  See the dove, the black dove, is hope for peace for the Afghani people….uniting the flags of the USA and Afghanistan…hope for peace between the countries.  This is a beautiful rug”.


The Great Goddess was worshipped with doves at Heiropolis, Crete and Cyprus, and in western Arcadia her stable holds a black dove. It was said that her black doves flew from Egyptian Thebes to Dodona in Epirus, where the temple was dedicated to Zeus and the moon-goddess Dione or Diana, and nested in the oracular oak trees of the sacred grove. The black-dove priestesses, chewing on hallucinogenic acorns, translated the oracles, so both literally and poetically the priestesses spoke the language of the birds.[read full article]

We are, each of us, heirs to the whole of the religious history of humanity. 9/11 was a heir attack.  Methinks the hope of peace  is not a rug any of us would like to have pulled out from beneath us. 

Gaia, however, may fling it over the fence and beat the dust-crap out of it…….the air that we breathe.  The heirs that we are. 


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  1. Hallucinogenic acorns? SQUIRRELS!!!!

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