Raising the Bar

July 8, 2011

Silver Birch tree, Kashmir

Image Credit: Julie Cooke

Silver Birch Speaks:

“Man was born to be free, to dwell in liberty. He was not born to be a slave, bound and fettered. His life should be full of richness, the richness of mind and body and spirit. All knowledge should be open to him, all truth, all wisdom, all inspiration. He should dwell in the splendour of the spirit with none of the cramping, irksome, vexatious restrictions imposed upon him by those who would deny his heritage and thwart his destiny.

“The power of the spirit is the power of life. The reason why there is life is because Spirit is there. The power that fashioned the whole universe, majestic though it is and stupendously vast, is the same power which enables you to exist here and hereafter for all time.

“The power that enables you to love, to think, to care, to judge, to reflect, to decide, to weigh, to ponder, to be inspired, to reach the heights and depths of the whole gamut of human feelings – that power is the power of the spirit.”

Source: The Medium’s Hall of Fame ~ Maurice Barbanell & Spirit Guide, Silver Birch

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