Wild Mountain Time

July 8, 2011

Heather and the Holy Longing of the Soul

The Heather is indicated for those people who “buttonhole” by absorbing or depleting the attention and psychic force of others. They are over-talkative people who gravitate to anyone who will give them attention. But we have to go deeper into the plant if we want to understand its true gift. Its magenta color indicates a tremendous vitality. Dr. Bach designates it as a remedy for loneliness, along with Water Violet and Impatiens. The native habitat for Heather is a very high place – covering the barren open spaces in the highlands. It has a close relationship to the sky, and endures the elements of wind and weather in the most open manner.

Heather is a remedy for people who feel the separation from their place of origin. Such people have an intense longing for soul companionship and for meaning in life. Heather helps them to deal with their innate sense of aloneness. The positive state of the Heather is the sense of communion with all of life.

Perspectives from Julian Barnard on the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach

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