She Who Holds Nuts Between Her Toes

July 28, 2011

Psalm 23

The Earth is my Mother.
I shall not want.
She embraces me in her green pastures,
She enfolds me in the still waters of her womb.
In her, I am reborn.

She guides me with her gentle wisdom
For hers are the mysteries of life and death.
Even as I descend ever into her depths
I shall not fear the darkness
For she is in me, with me, and all around me.
She is my light, my guide,
My soul and my deliverer.

She is the wheat field that sustains me.
She is the gurgling stream that washes me clean.
She kissed me with dew underneath the Moon.
Her anointings mark my soul forever.
My cup of joy overflows.

Surely the Lady of Love and Light
Will carry me all the days of my life,
And when my time has come to return to the ground,
I shall dwell nestled against her bosom forever.

Orignially published in “A Philosophy of Wicca” by Amber Fisher.

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