Stone Makes Us Human

August 4, 2011

A Tectonic Tango

From its beginning the Universe is a psychic
as well as a physical reality.

Thomas Berry

The transformation of stone from planetary crust to becoming a marble statue of the biblical David or a ceramic symbol of Earthly Mother has fascinated me. What to make of consciousness prior to and following that time and space when a human hand first picks up stone to use as a tool. Is it the work of consciousness manifesting first as human, then later as works of art, or could it be something different, whereby a cosmic consciousness manifests as stone, then art, then as human? ‘Stone Makes Us Human’ is my own particular spin on human consciousness.

Once upon a pre-time there was a great and silent mystery out of which came the rhythmic sound of cosmic consciousness, since then we have been dancing to it non stop for eons of space-time, from one geological era to the next, like any creative planet might given the right systemic solar circumstances. At some earlier point in space-time we were just a twinkle in the eye of a cosmic supernova and the next thing we know our larger Galactic-self is giving birth to yet another brand new Solar-self that constantly manifests in whatever new form we can dream up. Hence our insatiable urge to be and desire to express our differentiated unique-Self, for better and for worse in one cosmic form or another, from our larger Galactic-self of black holes and spiralling solar systems all the way down into the deeper layers of our relatively small unique-Self, we manifest cosmic consciousness in a stupendous variety of breathtaking form. [Read the full article: Stone Makes Us Human by Taffy Seaborne at PaGaian Cosmology]


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