August Full Moon: Ambrosia

August 11, 2011

29º Capricorn: A woman reading tea leaves.
The quest for inner understanding through all life-conditioning. First approach to reality. Desire to transcend routine.

With an emphasis on the Grand Cross of Juno-Uranus-Pluto-Mars this August Full Moon, I pulled up my transits for certain celestial bodies, and a typo brought asteroid 193 Ambrosia into the picture.

The Food of the Gods, well the English do have a special relationship with tea and I imagine with the rioting, there are lots of cups of tea being drunk in those Crisis Meetings they are having.

Lykourgos (Lycurgus) of Thrace, an antagonist of Dionysus, forbade the cult of Dionysus, whom he drove from Thrace, and was driven mad by the god. In his fit of insanity he killed his son, whom he mistook for a stock of mature ivy, and Ambrosia, who was transformed into the grapevine.

Ambrosia was transformed into the grapevine. Rather symbolic of the use the disenfranchised dispirited youth are making of Facebook and Twitter to incite violence and acts of malcontent and reckless indifference.

In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia  is sometimes the food, sometimes the drink, of the Greek gods (or demigods), often depicted as conferring ageless immortality upon whoever consumes it. It was brought to the gods in Olympus by doves, so it may have been thought of in the Homeric tradition as a kind of divine exhalation of the Earth.

Lynda Hill writes that the Karmic Condition (the degree before) of the Full Moon is Aquarius 20: A large white dove bearing a message, yet the Full Moon and Vesta for me here in Melbourne, Australia will be at Aquarius 11: A man tete-a-tete with his inspiration.

Aquarius 11: Theme: In Spiritus.

Inspiration: When an idea, an insight, lights spirit higher, the courage to forge ahead also inspires others.

Today: Take a deep, powerful in-breath, like one taken after being under water for a long while when breaking through the surface.

That first breath of air is drawn into the lungs powerfully, hungrily. It is a very intensely individualized break-through of sorts. Call it the ‘good to be alive’ breath. Think of the moment before beginning a performance. Take a deep breath… then go.

In the world arena, inspired new starts gain international admiration and support. A sense of moving forward gains popular acceptance. An inspired sense of good fortune fuels intrepid positions in the face of even the greatest dangers.

Remain true to an inspired and light sense of spirit… but for heaven’s sake, do not speak of ‘rights’, ‘entitlements’ or ‘justice’. Do remember to breath: in spiritus. (Blain Bovee)

On January 29 2011, the Sun was at this same degree of Aquarius 11 and, paradoxically, way back in 2002, on January 29th, when then-President George Bush gave his State of the Union Address, he described “regimes that sponsor terror” as an Axis of Evil.

I don’t know about you, Thrill-seeker, but there’s something very organized about what’s going down in the Old Dart ~ and extremely malevolent.

In the Down Under of the Commonwealth, opposing Full Moon/Vesta is Medea in Leo at Leo 12: An evening lawn party. This speaks to social network mingling, Medea’s children, mosquitos…….kind of a Boston Tea Party vibe. 

Finger of FUBAR: Lucifer-in-Virgo sextile Hygeia-in-Scorpio quincunx Osculating Black Moon Lilith-in-Aries. 

In Sacred Contracts parlance, Lucifer-in-Virgo carries the healing challenge of Maintaining Personal Boundaries; Hygeia-in-Scorpio the healing challenge of Confronting Greed and Developing Personal Integrity; with the ‘doorway’ of Osc. Black Moon Lilith-in-Aries, the healing challenge of Birthing the Self.

We are all birthing this New Earth so patterned breathing ThrilSeekers……pant-pant-blow……hee-hee-Who…….pant-pant-blow….hee-hee-Who……pant-pant-blow…….hee-hee-Who…..

Lily-of-the-Valley, symbol of The Magdalen

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