The Squirrels are Rampant!

August 16, 2011

Golden Squirrel, Sulphur Mountain, Banff Alberta

Image Credit: Dan.FIFAv’s photostream

Nature — the Gentlest Mother is,

Impatient of no Child —

The feeblest — or the waywardest —

Her Admonition mild —

 In Forest — and the Hill —

By Traveller — be heard —

Restraining Rampant Squirrel —

Or too impetuous Bird —

 How fair Her Conversation —

A Summer Afternoon —

Her Household — Her Assembly —

And when the Sun go down —

 Her Voice among the Aisles

Incite the timid prayer

Of the minutest Cricket —

The most unworthy Flower —

 When all the Children sleep —

She turns as long away

As will suffice to light Her lamps —

Then bending from the Sky —

 With infinite Affection —

And infiniter Care —

Her Golden finger on Her lip —

Wills Silence — Everywhere —

 ~ Emily Dickinson

Kissing Squirrels

Look to see where 23 degrees Leo/Aquarius is in your chart, because this is where you’re going to receive a Goddess Kiss, especially is you’re a Leo or Aquarian (sensitive angles or planets in these signs)! Here’s how it works; Mercury, currently retrograde, is heading back to 23 degrees Leo to meet the Ruler of Leo, the Sun in all its brilliant glory and Venus, the Goddess of Love on Tuesday, the 16th. [read more at New Moon Astrology ~ Goddess Kiss, Triple Conjunction]


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  1. Those kissing squirrels are so cute! And yay Banff!

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