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Frustration, thy name is Dial-Up

August 27, 2011

Seventeen months later, I finally have a new computer and restored internet access at home.  Yes indeedy, since late March 2010, I have been blogging from the public computers at the Library.  I am sure going to miss their Broadband.  Returning to dial-up (albeit temporarily until I track down an affordable plan), is like going back to the Stone-Age in more ways than one.

What I assumed was a virus that had disabled my home PC last March, turned out to be a total hard-drive fritz.  The IT Tech chappie was able to retrieve my data and last night delivered my brandspankingnew computer. As I reacquainted myself with stuff I haven’t laid eyes on for 17 months, it felt like finding the Lost Scribblings from an ancient civilisation.  Kinda weird.

My new computer, which has everything I may never have a need to use, also has in the Games suite, Chess and Mahjong!  A definite improvement on Hearts, Freecell, Solitaire and Minesweeper.  So far, the Computer has wiped the floor with me in Chess ~ it’s been a while since I used to play online Chess at Playsite (now there’s a sonic boom from the past!).

Many years ago, I had just started to play a game of Chess with somebody online. It was the late evening here and I had the TV on, when a Breaking News Report came on.  I watched for a few minutes, then sent a message to my Chess opponent, saying “Can we cancel the game, an airplane has just hit the World Trade Centre in New York…….”

I sure have forgotten how s-l-o-w dial-up is and I don’t know who is on the verge of a breakdown here: me or the browser.  It’s been having challenges surrounding resolving addresses.  Or so Tech Support at my ISP tells me.  We’ve talked a lot. So far. This morning.

Before the day is over, I may scream.