August 29, 2011

What Is A Lunar Return?

Your Lunar return is the monthly chart of the instant the Moon in the sky returns to the exact position it was at your birth. It’s kind of a monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Each month, this re-birth-day works out its potential for you and then is renewed once again 27 1/2 days later with a new set of surprises and opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Like your natal chart, or any other kind of horoscope, a Lunar return is a chart of a beginning – in this case, the monthly beginning of the lunar cycle that started at your birth, which is the cycle of your response to your environment, including your emotions, feelings, interactivity, social well-being, and generally how creatively you react to the challenges and opportunities of life. It works on the principle that when you begin something – anything – everything that flows from it is bound up in the initial conditions under which it started. The beginning is your foundation, and you build and rest upon it until you are finished. A Lunar return is the astrological depiction of the new beginning you make each month and what results from it until the next cycle begins.

Text sourced from ClaytenTylor.com

My travels through all things astrological have brought me to checking out the Lunar Return and discovering that from 17 August until 13 September, I have a Cosmic Cross vibe happening.  This is  interesting because it was on 17 August that I gave my IT chappie the go-ahead to build me a new computer (which by the way has adjusted to my energies so I can now frolic at Astrodienst to my heart’s delight).  The Cosmic Cross then switches to a Grand Trine on 13 September.

The good thing about the current Lunar Return Cosmic Cross is that it is balanced in the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Esoteric astrologer Alan Oken writes “the Cosmic Cross is an extremely difficult pattern to master, although it leads to great strength and growth if used wisely by the individual in question.  It calls for a very self-contained individual, possesing a great supply of inner strength and stamina.”   Yup, I’ve got that in spades and then some.

Alan then offers this about the Grand Trine: “If the energies contained within the Grand Trine are not wisely directed, however, the result is much like what happens to a squirrel in an exercise ring – it causes the individual to go around in circles.”  Too funny!

What does this all mean?  Well, the Sabian Symbols provide the key for the energies of the Cosmic Cross:

Pluto Capricorn 6: A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom

Mars Cancer 10: A large diamond not completely carved

Saturn Libra 14: A noon siesta

Moon/Uranus Aries 4: Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk

The theme?  It’s Kairos time……walk don’t run.



Throughout time people have told stories to help them understand the nature of reality. Artists have illustrated those stories. The modern day equivalent of these stories is science. The science that deals most directly with questions about the nature of reality is physics. The stories that physics tell about the nature of reality are expressed in equations.

E=mc2, the most well known of these equations, can be written out as energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. To understand this equation requires four dimensions. Mass occupies space which is commonly understood as having three dimensions. Speed requires movement. Movement is change from one location in space to another over time. Without time there can be no speed. Space and time are inextricably woven together. Without time there is no space; without space there can be no time.

The common cube exists within three dimensions of space: height, width and depth. It is drawn on a flat plane, i.e. on paper, on canvas, etc., with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. The diagonal lines represent the third dimension. A tesseract is a four dimensional cube: height, depth, width and time. Because we are not equipped to see in four dimensions, a tesseract cannot be seen with the human eye. To draw one requires a second diagonal representing the fourth dimension.

But science does not stop at four dimensions. Alternative realities are often thought to exist in a parallel dimension, a fifth dimension that contains all the alternative possibilities your life could have played out as well as those of all the other people who ever have or ever will exist. The fifth dimension, then, includes all possible universes.

Two diagonals are used to reduce the four dimensional cube down to two to allow drawing the tessaract on a flat plane. A further reduction can be accomplished conceptually by slowing time to zero. The fifth dimension expands and becomes the fourth filling the space occupied by time. Movement through time becomes movement across the range of alternate realities. This experience is common to many mystical traditions. Buddhist enlightenment, for example, is achieved in this way through meditation.

One needs no knowledge of physics to access the mystical layers of the tesseract. By gently focusing on the center of the painting, you will notice a lively motion. Lines appear to move, disappear and re-appear. The more you are able to let go of grasping at the pattern and to relax into observing without holding, the slower time seems to pass. An epiphany occurs when the pattern disappears entirely. Time stops and alternative realities are accessible.

Text and Imaged sourced from: CharlesWinstead.com



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