Patsy Cline: A Honky-Tonk Angel

September 8, 2011

Remembering Patsy ~ 8 September 1932

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 WINCHESTER, Virginia — For all the nights my crazy old mother sang Crazy while she did the dishes, I wanted to visit the house where a poor Virginia girl named Virginia Hensley grew up to become Patsy Cline.

What I found was a shrine, not to Patsy’s enduring, haunting voice — only silence plays in the little white cabin on South Kent Street, lovingly restored and opened last week to tourists — but to a family’s endurance of the sort of grinding, numbing daily travail that may become our children’s fate if this calamitous summer heralds the dawning of a second Great Depression. (read full article written 20 August 2011)

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  1. She had a voice that only comes along once per generation. Love her!

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