….uh huh…..one what?

September 11, 2011
The High Master of the Grand Committee of the Inner Circle of the One Hundred and Fourteenth Level of the Jargonite Section of the Kasar Galaxy wishes to inform the Razor Contingent of the Golden Galaxy of an important message.
“We have chosen the science-fiction language of the planet Earth to transmit information for the purpose of giving certain clues to key side-beings who have been kept in ignorance for many eons.
“On the physical plane, a number of us have been placed on this planet, which is currently ravaged by dead center-vibrations radiating from the late age of Kali Yuga on the chronological time scale. Our function is to provide clues and make road signs (of which the Morgan Tarot may, or may not, be one) for those who are to usher in the New Age.” 


Surrounded by the various and sometimes bizarre creatures of nature, I received a message. It said: “You and the earth are one”.


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