The Effect of Internet Trolls on Woman-in-the-Moon marigolds

September 17, 2011


"Raven Woman" ~ Susan Seddon Boulet

Ravenesque Tarot Closure

Due to continued negativity in email, I am taking my own advice and moving towards happier activities. Perhaps it is the Scorpio south node, or saturns journey back onto my moon, but I have three teens and I really do not have the desire to wake up to public rudeness, or abuse. Apart from the obvious of not being paid enough to tolerate ill treatment, some days no money would be enough to read some peoples toxicity. Whilst I appreciate that the actions of so few should not cause an upset for the majority, I didn’t realise how tired I am of the bad manners of the internet. Perhaps I will return to face to face readings at some point in time.

Thanks to everyone who has been loving, supportive and most of all, positive.

Thank you also to my family for being supportive this time around, so that my final decision was my own.

From the Muse

Ravenesque Tarot was a terrific resource for all things asteroidal. This is a sad loss for the astro-community as the site is now down and all Ravenesque’s writings are have become unavailable.  I am grateful to Ravenesque for the insights I gained over the years through reading her essays on the asteroids, which were one-of-a-kind. 

Beat the drum slowly, Owl.



  1. but, loudly, VERY LOUDLY…….

    and with great respect…………………………………………



  2. …….there aint a garage BIG ENOUGH for all youse drummers!!!!!!!!

  3. Me too gonna miss this lady… karen is one of the best & such a shame that some people have targeted her.

    ps… i might not comment but do appreciate your writings here, thank you 🙂

  4. Thanks for commenting now. Good to know who’s in the peanut gallery 🙂

  5. I am a new reader and found Ravenesque through Violethour muse! It was a wonderful find and have since been following her writings daily for i thought they were really uplifting and full of awareness that could be integrated in people’s lives in a creative way. I thought she was doing a great service, and this is really a shame that it is no longer active. If it is no longer active because of negativity i really think this is even more reason for it to keep going and evolving, but i understand, there is a human being behind this online presence and sometimes its all too much responsibility. but if you are in touch with her, please let her know there were silent, but loyal followers who appreciated her service, and will miss her contributions.

  6. No, I have no contact details for Karen.

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