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The Bid, the Box and the Screen

March 23, 2011

Buffalo Bridge Club circa 1950s

Image Credit: Lisa Baitz

People who carry strong Buffalo medicine often find themselves called upon to shoulder some very heavy burdens by others. For some, this can be a joy, though even so, many end up feeling drained and exhausted if they find they are trying to do for everyone and leaving little time and energy left over for themselves. All of us need a shoulder to cry on or support now and again yet for Buffalo people too often there are simply too many folks who want the Buffalo energy to shoulder all their problems while they do little to help themselves. The tragedy is not only does the Buffalo person feel drained, but also those that rely on them never learn how to empower themselves through dealing directly with their own issues. Both parties lose in the long run.

It is important that Buffalo people in general learn early on how to teach others to be empowered and to rely on their own abilities and strengths. Buffalo people are outstanding at showing others how to clear doubts and fears out of the way so others can get on with things.

Just as during the winter months a Buffalo will use it’s massive head and shoulders to move snow out of the way so it can feed on the plants below, so too do we need to learn how to move those things in our lives that are blocking what we are seeking. Buffalo medicine and people can teach us how to do this, though we must be prepared to shoulder the inner work ourselves if we are to gain maximum benefit.

Image credit: 20th Century History

One of the ways that Buffalo people can teach others is by their own lives as examples. They simply get on with needs to be done, day in and day out, they perservere and always they stand their ground. They refuse to give in if they honestly feel that what they are pursuing has merit and possibility.

It is important that those who carry Buffalo medicine remember to use their energy and resources wisely. Often these people have a tendency to be overly generous, they feel so blessed in their own lives that their desire is to share what they have with others! This is a wonderful trait and yet the Buffalo person must also learn whom to share with and to what degree. Sometimes the best gift one can give another is a push to stand on their own two feet and learn from their mistakes.

If one is always charging in to “rescue” someone, that person never has the opportunity to learn that they CAN do it on their own! Show support by helping people find ways to help and empower themselves. As the saying goes “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.

White Buffalo Calf Woman~ artist Aaron Paquette

Image Credit: Aaron Paquette on deviantart

 Buffalo people do have such a deep, innate sense of trust in the Universe, knowing that they have the power and strength within to manifest so much that is good and beautiful in the world! Affirming that belief to others can do so much more than you may ever know in terms of helping others to manifest more good for themselves.

~ Text Lynx Graywolf, Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences