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A Paternal View

September 6, 2010

As a child, I would be on the rake-end as my father mowed our suburban lawn.  I would always get blisters.  My father would mow the lawn in a spiral, starting from the outside, down the left hand side, across the top, down the right hand side, across the bottom. Around and around until he got to the center and then, with the lawnmower purring on idle, would push it to the front yard, and repeat the process.

Lawnmowing as labyrinth walking.  Everyday sacred ordinary.

byard labyrinth

For Ronald ~ thanks for the everyday mystery

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I haven’t always been a single man,
And I haven’t always lived up here.
Along with all these other single men,
With a ring around the bath, and a cigarette butt in my beer,
And I haven’t always been a lonely man,
And I haven’t always lived alone.
And you know I haven’t always drunk this much,
But hey before you cut me down,
Just try standing in my shoes,
‘Cause I don’t have to hear one word of this no.

On any other day,
I might care what you say,
But every Saturday is Father’s Day.
You might call it sad,
You might call me mad,
But I’ve got one- who calls me Dad.

And all the other blokes that live up here,
Know how to leave a man alone.
They’re not a bad old bunch that live up here,
Ah but you know that it’s not family and it’s not home.
What of a darlin’ wife that once I had?
Well I’m pleased to say that she still talks to me.
But I try not to think of what went wrong,
‘Cause if I say that I was right,
She might say that she was right,
And the only rights I care about are visiting rights yeah.
We go where he wants to go.
We do what he wants to do.
I tell him everything I know,
‘Cause I’d do anything to prove,
Yeah I’d do anything to prove.
 ~ Lyrics Father’s Day by Wedding Parties Anything

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