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Not the kind to use a pencil or rule..

February 10, 2011


“The hands are special. I think of them as the blue prints of life. They contain so much detail and the beauty is that I can help people understand who they are to enable them to make the most of what they have.

“The shape of the hands, skin texture and lines are major elements. The lines develop in the womb from around three months. They can tell you the personality type of a child as they are born. That is not to say it is predestined because you can make your own destiny, but they do give a good indication of their potential.

“From a medical perspective, I have spoken to midwives who have said that by looking at a baby’s hand they can determine if there is the likelihood of conditions such as Down’s syndrome. There is a lot of science in hand reading. Even Carl Jung was an advocate.” ~ Errol Symon, Chirologist