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Musing on the Sabian Symbols (with pictures)

September 3, 2011

"Dagnabit, Elsie, that image isnt esoteric enough...try harder to stroke my Ego!"

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been exploring the Sabian Symbols and their many facets and they are the most wonderful prompts for active imagineering, transforming, accessing higher information, winkling out hidden meanings and for pathworking the planetary aspects. Recently, I read Dane Rudyhar’s perspective on their origin: when Elsie and Marc sat in the park.  Dane writes:

Marc Jones has related it to the type of occult Brotherhood which apparently existed in ancient Mesopotamia (whence the name “Sabian” that he has used for the group of students he has been directing and teaching for nearly half a century).But whatever the exact manner in which the Sabian set of symbols was produced, it is not enough merely to say that “they work.” What has to be clearly understood is the nature of their validity and what is really implied in their existence and character. One may speak of inspiration from some ancient Brotherhood or the presence of an occult partner in the work, but it is obvious that the scenes and images visualized by Elsie Wheeler are entirely modern and, what is more, in many instances strictly American in character. They contain references which even a European, especially one living in 1925, would have some difficulty understanding. They belong to the collective consciousness of the average educated American.Thus we have a significant antinomy: randomness versus internal structure, and a purely American mentality (or mentalities, if we include that of Marc Jones) versus a postulated archaic occult source of inspiration. Such a dualistic situation is not unusual in occult or spiritual training, for there the extremes meet and interact to produce a total transformation of the consciousness. In this sense, the polarization of the highly intellectual and abstract mind of Marc Jones, many of whose concepts link him with the medieval scholastics, and of the mediumistic middle-class mentality of Elsie Wheeler also implies a kind of dialectical process. The occult and the commonplace are synthesized in the symbols, which is another way of saying that they should be understood at two levels: the archetypal-structural and the existential. The symbolic images or scenes are existential and relatable to the mostly ordinary experience or dream fantasy of the collective American consciousness; through the commonplace and the collective, one may reach the archetypal level at which a cyclic sequence of phases occurs, each phase meant to actualize a specific quality of being and endowed with a structural meaning because of its rank and function within the cycle-as-a-whole, the Eon. (sourced from Mindfire)

Ferris Bueller - The Time Lord - messing with your hot-to-cold-water ratio in your shower

Earlier this year, as I was reading the book, The Devil in the White City about the 1893 Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, which brought us the invention of the Ferris Wheel and so many antecedents of technologies we derive benefit from in the 21st century; I was guided to refer back to the biography of Marc Edmund Jones to follow up a hunch. 

I was not at all surprised to have my hunch confirmed; that St Louis-born Marc grew up in Chicago and as a five-year-old boy – moved through the fair. In Marc’s own words:

“I was fascinated [at the Columbian Exposition],” said Jones, “with relations in sequence and particularly in two areas: one was precious stones, which varied in color and in value. The sequence in terms of preciousness puzzled me. Why were some more precious than others? Nobody explained. I had the same experience with varnished samples of different kinds of woods. Some were more valuable than others. Here again was the same problem of sequence. So from the age of five on I had a major worry, a phenomenon that I call sequence.” 

 He also would have visited Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show that was set up next door to the World’s Fair. Buffalo Bill having been denied permission to set up his Wild West Show within the grounds of the Columbian Exposition.  A somewhat embarrassing financial decision for the Exposition’s bean-counters.  

me and my past-life unlived life

Marc’s comments inspired me take a much closer look at the Sabian Symbols, especially in light of Dane Rudhyar’s identifying the Sabian Symbols as belonging to the collective consciousness of the average educated American, and the deep impression the Heaven-on-Earth magic of the Columbian Exposition, with its striking buildings designed by the creme-de-la-creme of American architects and other visionaries, made on the average American: Could Elsie Wheeler have plucked the images for the astrological degrees from the memory piggybank of Marc’s puzzling five-year-old Self?  

In the midst of all this magical mojo in Chicago, behind the scenes a rather cunning serial killer was active, building a block-long three-story hotel in which visitors to the Columbian Exposition would stay. He preyed upon vulnerable women and others that rented rooms. This hotel was later dubbed “The Murder Castle”, and the author of The Devil in the White City, interweaves the duality of wonder-and-wickedness that coexisted during this period in a most riveting fashion. Erik Larson’s book is a must-read, especially if I have got you thinking about the Sabian Symbols. 

I’ve done my research into the nature of the exhibits and 95% of the Sabian Symbols can be attributed to things that little Marc saw, objects that were delivered from around the world. The latest inventions, futuristic drawings, pictures and the American Indian themed symbols? Remember Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show………. 

Leonard DiCaprio purchased the film rights to Larson’s nonfiction book in 2010, so I really hope a movie is in the can soon.

...say did you guys see where I left my towel?

Consider that this World’s Fair had the same effect as a Harmonic Convergence with some potent energies being seeded and along comes five-year-old Marc, the age of Innocence and with his unique destiny still veiled, and he’s thinking about things that nobody explained. Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll show you the man..St Francis Xavier. For a five-year-old like Marc the Midway and Pavilions of the World’s Fair must have been as impressive as Disneyland today and more. From the emotion of AWE, that Pearsall says is our eleventh emotion, Marc’s receptive child-like purity was perfect alchemical soil for those energies to have been planted in.  He chose Elsie Wheeler as the Medium for the Sabian Symbols because she was less worldly-wise than other candidates………and may not have been worldly-wise enough to have negotiated a percentage of the royalties from his subsequent book either. Bygones.

Elsie did not attend the 1893 World’s Fair, she was six years old, had developed juvenile rheumatoid athritis and was still living with her family. One parent had already died, and she and her four siblings would be orphaned the next year. Due to her spectacular degree of clairvoyant ability, as Rudhyar put it, I feel that she did get to go to the World’s Fair… via the snapshots taken by Marc’s five-year-old Self in a Vulcan mind-meld kinda way.  (Vulcan being the esoteric ruler of Taurus, (Venus the common) the White City was a most beautiful Venutian place).

Mind-meld: A procedure carried out by Vulcans in the fictional universe of Star Trek. It involves the temporary creation of a shared consciousness, usually through direct physical contact.

The world “Sabean” is very similar to the Latin word “Sabini” or “Sabin”  that we know as Sabine.  The Sabines were an Italic tribe that lived in the central Appennines of ancient Italy, also inhabiting Latium north of the Anio before the founding of Rome.

Consider the classical architecture of buildings constructed for The Columbian Exposition.  Also that this World’s Fair marked an American Renaissance; a coming-of-age in art and architecture that put America “on the map” in the higher echelons of those visionary circles.

Consider that the tarot is believed to have originated in Northern Italy.  La dolce vita!

How did the Sabian Symbols get their name?  This offering from the Sabian Assembly is revealing:

The students themselves picked the word Sabian, which was lucky because it afterward turned out that the Sabians were a Mohammedan group, and nobody knew just what they were. It is not a historically legitimate word for what we do, but it’s a good substitute, and it did represent people who were interested in what was then astrology. Later Jones would derive the word from the Hebrew phrase “Yahweh Sabaoth” or Lord of Hosts, referring to the Hosts as the potentialities or basis of all study in the Sabian work and calling it a convenient term for the pre-Biblical Mesopotamian mysteries “in lieu of the much abused terms Chaldean and Magian.” Significantly, the Koran entitles Sabians, Christians and Jews to toleration.

Close but no cigar!

Groucho Marx

The origins behind the Sabian Symbols is, as I have postulated, a far more simple story than the one Marc Edmund Jones and his students came up with. They were looking in the wrong place. Much has been written about the Sabian Symbols and Dane Rudyhar certainly uses some five-buck words that one should write down for use in future Scrabble games, yet simplicity is the keyword here. Think horses not zebras.

The Sabian Symbols are potent portals into the subconscious and their potentials are better activated if you step into the innocence and receptivity of your child self. Your Divine SeedChild and allow them to work through you, not wrestle them into submission via the complexities of the information you have accumulated. Each Sabian Symbol is a multifaceted precious gem, a piece from the Tree of Life with rings that can take us back and forward through time and dimension.

The One Ring

Dane Rudhyar felt that the Sabian Symbols needed to be reworked, yet I sense that he didn’t quite twig to the World’s Fair connection and was ‘blinded’ by his own considerable knowledge in all things esoteric and ancient.  His identification of the Sabian Symbol imagery being relevant to the American consciousness was the final piece that I needed to come forward with my thinkingWayoutsideofthebox theory, and post it on a blog that nobody reads. 

There is nothing “ancient” about the Sabian Symbols.  They are a modern living breathing and evolving tool ‘birthed’ at a truly magical time in the cultural history of humankind ~ a Renaissance period ~ and they hold those energies in trust for us to access at this time of a Mystical Renaissance

Consider that Caroline Myss, one of the foremost Mystical Teachers on the planet at this time, a medical intuitive who was born, raised and still lives in Chicago, and the thrust of her teachings, and you may understand the role the World’s Fair of 1893 played as a period of seeding for many things that are still waiting to be found……in your backyard, if you are an American.  Not in the sacred sites overseas, but underneath your very noses in your own heartland.

Chicago is also the resting place of America’s first saint, Mother Cabrini.

Some things cast long shadows

The Midwest….”America’s Heartland”….Chicago the “Windy City”…..the whispering winds of change. The World’s Fair served to tell the world that the city had “risen from the ashes” of the Great Chicago Fire. (The Phoenix is often referred to as a fire bird and burns itself in fire every 500-600 years. It burns itself to create a new fire bird, ready for another long life).

The 1893 Parliament of the World’s Religions, which ran from September 11 to September 27, marked the first formal gathering of representatives of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions from around the world.

Like I said, the Columbian Exposition had the energies of a Harmonic Convergence.  

I simply connect the dots.

The Parliament of Religions opened on 11 September 1893 at the Art Institute of Chicago. On this day Vivekananda gave his first brief address. He represented India and Hinduism.[79] Though initially nervous, he bowed to Saraswati, the goddess of learning and began his speech with, “Sisters and brothers of America!”.

Swami Vivekanada died on 4 July 1902.  He was a huge hit at the Columbian Exposition.  

“A bride with her veil snatched away” 12 Virgo 

This symbol is illuminated 4:32 PM EDT Sept. 3 (8:32 PM GMT, Sept. 3)

 Theme: Exposure.

“My personal contribution, of course, is a once-and-for-all matter to serve as groundbreaking or foundational work on which others can build their own characteristic way in their orientation to a world that continues to change as a necessity of its existence.” ~ Dr Marc Edmund Jones

Further Reading

Visit the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 at


Saint Mary of the Cross: Sabian Symbols

October 18, 2010

Natural....a thicket cross for a paradigm shift

Image Credit: Courier Mail, Brisbane

It is finished – Mary MacKillop’s is now a Saint and Brand MacKillop is alive and flourishing with the marketing and donation campaigns. No doubt about it, sainthood is a healthy cash cow for the stakeholders.  However, if the coffers have received a good influx of moola that is going to be directed towards helping those on the margins of society – the fringedwellers – that kindled young Mary’s sense of social justice and equality; then all is well in this opal-hearted land of sweeping floods and flashing plains….

A few days ago, I checked out Mary’s natal birth chart, in particular, the Sabian Symbols – and the hairs fairly rose on the back of my neck, and surges of energy twinkled through my body – she has the most amazing, beautiful Sabian Symbols.  Mary incarnated with everything she needed to fulfill her Sacred Contract. 

I am not going to offer my interpretation of what they mean. I will just present them and allow the words and the imagery to wash over you, and if, like me, you get a surge of warm fuzzies, know you are connecting to the energy of Saint Mary of the Cross.  This is how the Sabian Symbols work – they are ‘jumper leads’, if you like, from one human energetic battery to another………that might be a little flat…

Twelfth House

Poseidon 18 Leo – A teacher of chemistry

Chiron 30 Cancer – A daughter of the American Revolution

Eleventh House

Appollon 12 Cancer – A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message

Ninth House

Zeus 27 Taurus – A squaw selling beads

Eigth House

Waldemath Dark Moon 10 Taurus – A Red Cross nurse

Vesta 26 Aries – A man possessed or more gifts that he can hold

Cupido 24 Aries & Vulkanus 24 Aries – An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia

Pluto 19 Aries & Ceres 19 Aries – The magic carpet

Seventh House

Uranus 22 Pisces – A man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai

Pallas Athene 16 Pisces – The flow of inspiration

Mars 7 Pisces & Kronos & Pisces – A cross lying on the rocks

Moon 6 Pisces – Officers of dress parade

Sixth House

Osc. Lilith 24 Aquarius – A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from experience

Lilith asteroid 21 Aquarius – A woman disappointed and disillusioned

Ademetos 18 Aquarius – A man unmasked

Mean Lilith 16 Aquarius & Neptune 16 Aquarius – A big businessmen at his desk

True Node 30 Capricorn – A secret business conference

Fifth House

Sun 25 Capricorn – An oriental-rug dealer

Mercury 24 Capricorn – A woman entering a convent

Venus 14 Capricorn – An ancient bas-relief carved in granite

Hades 6 Capricorn – A dark archway with ten logs at the bottom

Saturn 8 Capricorn – Birds in the house singing happily

Jupiter 7 Capricorn – A veiled prophet of power

Third House

Juno 30 Scorpio – A Halloween jester


Turning the Wheel

August 30, 2010

Death of Sarpedon - Euphronios, ancient Greek vase painter and potter

 Image Credit

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” –
  —  Mark Twain

Sabian Symbol 27 Aquarius: An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.

The dawn of a great new age feels like this…

Ever awaken to morning that, all things considered seems just like any other morning yet, is somehow different… as if you can feel something is on the way?
As the early morning sky begins to swell with luminous glow, the stars of the night fade into violet hues of the receding night. Those tiny fading points of light open an awareness revealing sense and understanding not normally available to ordinary day-to-day awareness.
And like a fresh early dawn that announces an arrival of a stranger power, you can change much today through the gentle power of tiny adornments. Delight in the small things. Buy your love some violets.
~ Snitched from Blain Bovee, Sabian Symbol Specialist
Fringed Violet, Australian Bush Flowers

Source:  Flowers For Healing

This essence was made with an Amethyst crystal

Psychic protection
Aura repair
Re-alignment from past and present shock or trauma

An Australian Native Flower
(Made in Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW)

Hail; I speak to you of your connection to that greater part of you that resides within the WHOLE of you (The Fringed Violet speaks)

The Fringed Violet is mauve to purple in colour with 3 broad fringed petals, alternating with 3 narrower sepals. Each flower only opens for one day, but the plants keep flowering for many weeks. The name is derived from the Greek words thysanotos meaning “fringed”; and tuberosus from the Latin tuberculum or “swelling”, relating to the underground tubers.

The Fringed Violet essence has the ability to re-connect the Spirit within, after there has been a major shock or trauma to the system that has created a separation. Major shock or trauma can cause the body and aura to be pushed out of alignment, therefore causing imbalances within the body such as panic, shortness of breath or just feeling out of sorts. At times tears or holes in the aura can also be created.

Shock can be experienced through such incidents as surgery, the loss of a loved one, bad news or accidents. The shock vibrations can remain within the body and aura for long periods of time. The Fringed Violet essence will help restore and re-align the body, regardless of how long ago the incidents occurred.

Some people who are alcoholics or drug users may also experience holes in the aura caused by those addictions. Because of the negativity that can take hold of these people, they may attract earth-bound entities to attach themselves to the aura of these people, and create what they then perceive to be as hearing “voices in the head”. Fringed Violet will assist with the repair of the aura, sending those voices away, and protecting them against any further unwanted energies.

When the aura is out of alignment some people may experience what they perceive to be psychic attack; which is when there is a perception of negative energies being directed at them, causing them to feel out of balance and alignment. At times when a person is feeling run down they may unwillingly take on the energies of others around them and become even more drained. Fringed Violet will protect them from further draining effects, allowing them in the meantime to become stronger.

Fringed Violet has been included within our Calming Essence combination mix. This mix of essences is predominantly to help take the shock factor out of an incident. It is handy to have on hand to be used immediately for shock incidents such as when a child has a fall hurting themselves. It is also useful to assist plants when moving them, or when a major pruning job has been done. Calming Essence is helpful when taken during times of great stress such as when a relationship has just broken up.

The doctrine of signatures can be seen as the fringed petals brushing the aura and body clear of all shock and trauma vibrations..

My life force radiates good health and vitality
I am balanced and integrated, and have universal protection

Information inspired by “Australian Bush Flower Essences”
by Ian White

            This essence resonates to the Number 4

A stone of “spirituality & contentment” * Clears the aura & stabilises & transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body * Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual & ethereal levels * Can be used to protect against psychic attack * Balances energies of intellectual, emotional, & physical bodies & provides clear connection between the Earth plane & other worlds * Bestows stability, strength, invigoration & inner peace * Assists in the assimilation of new ideas.


Who’s Afraid of Black Moon Lilith

June 29, 2010

Since first reading of the astrological interpretations of Black Moon Lilith and the corridor formed by the Osc. (true) BML and the Mean BML, plus the various understandings put forward by mundane, esoteric and evolutionary astrologers alike, I have been studying this corridor in my own natal chart as well as transiting corridors at peak experiences in my life; as well as in the charts of others.

The understanding I have come to is best described in a quote: When a door closes, a window opens – but it’s hell in the hallway.  It is my perception that the Black Moon Lilith corridor is this hallway: a zone through which energies of transmutation and transformation are triggered in the native, signaling a period of intense challenge which brings to the native the choice to walk on the light side, the colourful side or the dark side of life.

It may well be the place where the metaphysical battle between good and evil takes place for our Soul, or as I prefer to look at it, where we face the conflict between choosing to live a life of reckless indifference or one of intentional compassion for ourselves.  It’s not about other people: it’s about the Sacred Contract we have with the way we follow a path of personal empowerment in the world. 

Where this BML hallway appears in one’s natal chart, the house or houses it spans, the sign of that house, as well as it’s relationship to other influences in the natal chart, is an entryway to where to start excavating the unconscious driving forces behind our Sacred Contract.

As an example, I studied the natal chart of quintessential bluesman, Chester Arthur “Howlin’ Wolf” Burnett, looking at the BML hallway on both the day of his birth and the transiting BML hallway on the day of his death.  It may be that the full energetic, esoteric and evolutionary meaning of this ‘halloween zone’ is better appreciated through studing the arrival and departure points of a human soul whose life can illustrate the Lilith gifts.

The Black Moon Lilith corridor in Howlin Wolf’s chart is narrow in his Scorpionic 12th House.  Osculating BML at 14° is said by some to represent the less stable energies; the door and the Sabian Symbol is “Telephone linemen at work”, suggesting a connection that needs to be established or repaired. Mean BML at 10° Scorpio, the more focused, stable and mature energy, the window in my humble opinion, has the Sabian Symbol of “A fellowship supper”. 

Also in Howlin’ Wolf’s 12th House is asteroid Lilith at 5° “A massive rocky shore”, and Waldemath Dark Moon Lilith at 24° “An X-ray” is in his 1st house snuggled up to his Scorpio Ascendant at 23° “A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy”.  These last three Sabian Symbols are delightful, yet with all his Lilith’s in Scorpio, this man was born with some powerful issues to overcome.

The Sabian Symbol for his moon Taurus 5° “A widow at an open grave” gives insight as to why Howlin’ Wolf was the ultimate bluesman. He was born to howl his pain and through his graveled, growling vocal instrument, touch the pain within those who heard him. This man lived his Moon emotionally, if you now anything of his life story, and battled in his heart with the harsh rejection he encountered from his mother; a religious fanatic who claimed he sang ‘the Devil’s music’.  It is possible that if the boy Chester Arthur Burnett had not mastered his shadow as a man, he could have been a widow-maker.  And I’m not talking about corsets!

As a mature man, Howlin’ Wolf was a focused, responsible and honourable individual who lived wisely, yet the mother wound followed him to his grave. On the day he died, the BML hallway was transiting his 5th House, just over the cusp between the 4th/5th Houses: and it wasn’t a hallway but a shaft with Osc and Mean Lilith at the same degree – 8° Aries “A large hat with streamers flying, facing east” with Pluto opposing in the 11th House at 13° Libra, “Children blowing soap bubbles”.

Also in transit of the 5th House was Chiron and the Moon, sharing the degree of 24° Aries “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia”. A lovely visual imagery oft used in movies when the camera pans way from the dying man to the window, symbolizing the Soul heading off to the Summerlands.  Death for the Wolf was a joyful release.

Howlin’ Wolf’s natal Chiron in the 4th House at 3° Pisces “Petrified Forest” speaks of the deep childhood wounding this man carried through his life, and with goddess asteroid Pallas Athene also in the 4th House of Home at 12° Pisces, “An examination of initiates”, it speaks somewhat that little Chester Arthur Burnett was a born initiate and destined for greater things than a sharecropper’s life.  The ‘petrified forest’ Chiron also speaks of the history of hard living and inflexible attitudes, prejudices and fears  that a Southern black male inherited from his tribe.  The nature of the values and core beliefs he would have absorbed and was challenged to transcend.

This towering giant of a man knew his Shadow and they say you have to live the blues in order to sing them well.  Without his musicianship as a healthy outlet to channel his Lilith energies, Chester may have become a monster: a deeply embittered man who took his pain out on everybody who crossed his path. Yet it is evident from his life that he claimed a strength of spirit to manage these heavy 12th House challenges safely; to walk on the light and colourful side of life. He found his tribe of fellow bluesmen, “A fellowship supper”, and the love his life, wife Lilian.   Yes that really was her name.

Returning to the 5th House transits on the day Howlin’ Wolf passed, also in transit was Jupiter at 17° Aries “Two prim spinsters”, and as the healing challenge of the 5th is entering the desert, the Sabian Symbol tells me that the barren wasteland that was the boy Chester’s experience of mothering, and the judgement his mother condemned him by, was a regret he took with him.  

Yet her choice was not his responsibility. The consequences of her choice was a matter between her and the God of her understanding.  It was her role to be a Dark and Devouring mother and as such she fulfilled the Sacred Contract her soul had with her boy Chester.

In his latter life, Howlin’ Wolf was beset with health problems, primarily kidney disease; an imbalance that reflects the wounded child, the “kid” who didn’t receive the mother love it needed.

In many ways, the transits of Howin’ Wolf’s departure are an eloquent Sabian Symbol eulogy, in the same way that the Sabian Symbols of his arrival are an intriguing announcement of his soul’s highest potential.

For me, using the Sabian Symbols has given me a deeper understanding of the true connection between all of us and the everywhen nature of the cosmic energies present in each moment of our life, and that in every moment we are as newborns with the world laid out before us. Most of the time we don’t see, let alone understand, our soul’s guiding influence over the course of our life until we are in the final furlong.

And we never know when the final furlong has begun: if this day will unfold to be our last or if we still have a’ways to go.  Another chart I studied was that of a man who like thousands of others didn’t know that September 11 2001 would be his last day on Earth.  His passing reverberated around the world and while few know his name, we all remember him as ‘the Falling Man’.

Chester’s mother believed her son was a ‘fallen man’. He wasn’t.  He didn’t murder, cheat or steal, yet if he had, I do wonder if she would have, could have, accepted her share of accountability for having pushed him. That Chester chose a healing path as Howlin’ Wolf, achieving respect, fame and wealth, and leaving a legacy of blues music that, in his lifetime, birthed rock n’ roll, as well as being an inspiration for the nascent Rolling Stones, tells me that he successfully transmuted the potential toxic legacy of his natal 8th House Pluto.

The man was an Alchemist.

Ultimately, he made the choices that supported rather than sabotaged his personal empowerment at each and every cross-road of integrity he faced. He walked with a special Grace in this world and it is my perception that Howlin’ Wolf was Beloved of Lilith: and he serenaded her all his life.

This Black Moon Lilith hallway offers all of us bouquets or brickbats. How we handle her lessons, how we transmute them and manifest them in our life is simply a matter of choice.  Archetypically this hallway is the Saboteur-on-Wheels.  Cultivating the wisdom to use these dark energies to grow a compassionate heart and live a life that sponsors the empowerment of one’s Soul, and by osmosis, the souls of others, is all that Lilith asks of us. It is how we redeem Her myth.  She’s not bad, she was just written that way.

In closing, I should add that Chester Arthur ‘Howlin’ Wolf” Burnett’s natal Jupiter in the 11th House at 5° Libra is elegantly magical, “A man teaching the true inner knowledge”.

His path, his songs, his life, his Grace is the Wolf’s gift to us.


The Other God

February 5, 2010

Since I discovered Sabian Symbols last year, I have been scrutinising the Natal Chart an astrologist prepared for me back in 2005 which included all these extra strange glyphs and other bits and bobs.  I’ve learned that these are asteroids and after reading some excellent astrology blogs, have found out that there’s a whole stack of ’em!

I’ve been farting about at Astrodienst where you can get free charts and filling in the gaps. I’ve been particularly interested since New Year’s Eve to find out where the asteroid Lucifer hangs out and he is hanging out with Mars (natch) in my Eleventh House.

The shared motif for Lucifer according to Blain Bovee’s astrological analysis of the Sabian Symbols is ‘obstacles along the path to comfort and security’.


It’s also nice to know I have asteroids in my Second, Ninth and Twelfth houses because they looked pretty forlorn with no planets in them.

I’m not an Astrologist’s bootlace yet I have been getting a great deal of astrological intuitive hits since I started working with the Sabian Symbols and I’ve become intrigued with the hidden energies in my Nativity.

When I first trained as a Consultant in Sacred Contracts & Archetypes, I realised I needed to bone up on the nuts and bolts of astrology as the Archetypal Wheel is based on the Twelve Astrological Houses. 

Just as I’ve learned that we have more than 12 archetypal energies playing in the fields of our souls at any one time, I’m also learning that there are way more cosmic energies frolicking in there as well. 

They don’t always play well with others. 

I also have the dwarf planet Orcus hanging out with Mars and Lucifer in the eleventh house. In  Roman mythology, Orcus is a god of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths and vows.

Under the guidelines of the International Astronomical Union’s naming conventions, objects with a similar size and orbit to that of Pluto are named after underworld deities.  Orcus was approved and published on November 22, 2004.

November 2004 was a hugely significant month in my life, personally and professionally.  It was when I completed my training in Sacred Contracts and piloted my first Healing Fear workshop

 I made a vow that November. I am being reminded of it.  Nicely.

The Sabian Symbol for today, February 6th, is Aquarius 18: A man unmasked.

Unmasking something or someone reveals or exposes that which was covered. Aletheia, the Greek term for truth, means disclosedness, uncoveredness.

Now that I’ve uncovered all these other energies in my Nativity, I can harness them via their Sabian Symbols and work more closely with them in clearing these damn obstacles in my path.


New Year’s Eve Day Sabian Symbol

December 31, 2009

Silver Pied Pen & Dark Throated pheasants - Mouse Creek Feather Farm

Capricorn 11: A large group of pheasants


Illimitable (adjective) – incapable of being limited or bounded; measureless – “the illimitable reaches of space and time”.  Synonyms: Vast, infinite, unbounded, boundless.  Antonym: Finite.

I grok the original Sabian Symbols and the quirky insights I receive from the uncomplicated connection of the words and an image.  Out of all the images of a group of pheasants available, I chose this one: a group of pheasants in a cage, in lock-up.

How many New Year’s Eve revellers will be spending the first day of 2010 in custody for drunken and inappropriate behaviour that has gone beyond the bounds of social acceptability, do you think?

The opposing Sabian Symbol is Cancer 11: A clown making grimaces.

Take heed: clowning around and strutting your walk tonight just might see you ending up as a feather duster in the morning.  There are no limits to your potential.

May the temple of your living flesh
Be worthy of your high desire;
May your worldly place in daily life
Bring recompense in rich degree;
May your happiness and state of heart
Endear you everywhere you go;
And may the spirit stirring deep within
Be ever conscious in your thoughts!

~ Marc Edmund Jones

Sabian Symbols in Imageshere you will find a visual interpretations of the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Starling.   A great resource for tuning into the symbols and unveiling the bespoke connection they hold for you.