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Pandora’s Seed: screw bronze!

March 22, 2011

"Greet well the Lady Nutgiver who cometh from the South" ~ Book of Squirrels 41:18

Image Credit:  Elizabeth McClung 

My name is Dr. Elizabeth McClung and I have a terminal disease.

This disease combines:
Autoimmune Disease of unknown origin which affects the immune system of the brain, destruction of the thyroid (as a secondary issue) and other autoimmune systems of the body and,
Autonomic: I have both central (heart, lungs blood pressure, blood circulation, oxygen and nutrient absorption) and peripheral autonomic failure (extremities circulation, delivery of nutrients to parts of the body, circulation consistent on both sides and neurological issues)
Neuropathy (the destruction of the five types of nerves all over the body) plus the muscles to which they are attached.
The loose general types of ultra rare disease of this type can only be determined by exclusion (excluding everything else) and in autopsy. They are called AAN after the three aspects. I will soon be alive four years from start of symptoms. That is a long time for someone with AAN, and I have outlasted the prediction of two neurologists. Read more…..