Counting Coup

November 29, 2010

Passive-Aggressive Anger Release Machine


Anger is an integrity-producing response to the invasion of your personal boundaries

~ Gabrielle Roth

One example of counting Coup in Indian wars would be when a warrior would hit his enemy with a stick. This would change the enemies energy, by just letting him know that you are not frightened and if you had really wanted to hurt him you could have. This act of physically touching your enemy without seriously hurting him can take away or disarm the enemys’ anger. It creates an opportunity for the enemy to think about, and consider what he is doing and gives him a chance to remember that all life is sacred.

We can all Count Coup by helping someone, something, or a helping organization. By being willing to get physically involved  we can create an opportunity to change anger into help, and a chance so we might all survive together, in peace; not in pieces.

Joseph Medicine Crow

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